Nationally Recognized Training

When your pet stays with us, it becomes part of the family.

We treat with as much love and care as we would our own. Your pets stay in luxury here. A dog room is equipped with their own couch, plentiful of toys, and lots of attention. We have a fully fenced property which hosts trails in the woods for daily hikes. During the warmer weather, we have a "pool days" which include a dog pool for them to swim and play in. Depending on the animal,  field trips to People's State Forest for swimming and running are to be expected. Your dog feels as if it stays on it's own vacation when you are away.


Working Dog Certification

At D & D Dog Training Services, we create perfect partners.

We believe that an owner and his dog should have a harmonious relationship; each learning from the other, improving communication and effortlessly adapting to new situations, becoming that welcome addition to the family. Our training is based on a positive relationship between dog and handler and building that connection. If you are looking for that special pet, already own a dog, or are in need of a service dog, we will help you better communicate with your dog to develop a willing, happy partner.

Family Style Boarding

We train and set goals for you and your dog and aim for the very best.

We train for IPO and Schutzhund, agility, and nose work. We cover a high level of obedience, tracking, scent detection, and personal protection. We address the drives in dogs and develop them into a working task. We create a plan for you and your dog and set a goal to reach at the end of it. Whether it's a competitive title or training tasks for the fun, we will guide you to your goal. Upon reaching this goal, a Working Dog Certification is earned.